Calling All Makers!

We are looking for people like you to bring the cool things you make out to Maker Faire happening October 28 & 29.

Event Date: Saturday/Sunday, October 28 & 29, 2017, 10am to 5pm both days.
Location: Spruce Meadows – Equi-plex

Application Schedule
1st Round: Closed July 31
2nd Round: Closed August 31
Late Entries: You can still apply. Applications received after deadline will be considered based on available space.

The first step to participating in Maker Faire is to submit an entry that tells us about yourself and your project. Entries can be submitted from individuals; groups such as hobbyist clubs and schools; non-profits; commercial makers or crafters; startups; and companies.

There is no fee to participate in the Maker Faire if you are not selling or promoting an organization, product or service.  If you are a commercial maker, or non-profit group, booth fees start at $200 and availability is limited. Click [here] for more information on benefits and costs related to exhibiting as a commercial maker or non-profit. Startups and larger companies can also participate in various ways (please check out our Become a Sponsor page for more information).


Types of Applications

Maker Exhibit: Our standard setup for a Maker exhibit is a 8’x8′ space.  If you need more space for your exhibit or project, please let us know in your application. Use this space to display your work and/or demonstrate how you make something.

Presentations or Workshops: 25 minute or 40 minute time slots.  These can be demos, stories, how-tos, and group (panel) conversations.

Performances: These can be any stage or mobile performance based concepts that do not require a dedicated space when not performing.

If you have any questions about participating in Maker Faire, please contact us by email:

We look forward to seeing your application!