Combat Robots at Calgary Maker Faire

Killer robots are coming to the Calgary Maker Faire

Join us for the Kilobot combat robot competition. The Alberta Combat Robot Club will fight it out for total domination. Cheer on your favourite competitor and watch the action. There are cash prizes, cool robots and “there can only be one”.

Kilobots are similar to the gladiators of ancient Rome, fighting to the death for your entertainment. The main difference is that after each match, builders will take their robots back to the pits and repair them good-as-new and ready for the next fight. Some builders will make their robot as destructive as possible, while others will build theirs like a tank to absorb and redirect that power. Some will build with a focus on control, others with speed and ramming power. And some just want to try a design that has never been built before, to see if it can be done!

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