Calgary Maker Faire in the Community

We’ve been fortunate for the support of many community partners who offer us space at their events to setup and promote this year’s Calgary Maker Faire .

Because Calgary Maker Faire is all about making we try to always have hands-on activities at these events. This makes it more interesting for everyone and less of a sales pitch.

At these events we need the help of volunteers, like you, especially with the hands-on activities. We keep these community outings fun for all volunteers. Water and snacks are always provided. No prior experience is necessary as all training is provided.

Some Activities We Offer

Nerdy Derby: With this activity participants build a small race car from a ton of provided materials. The cars then race down a track where the purpose isn’t so much winning as it is testing and refining to make the car even better.

Learn to Solder: This activity allows participants to try something most people would never expect to do, and that’s solder electronic components to a circuit board that when complete it lights up, as do the faces of all the participants who take part.

Building: Participants will use materials to build fun projects. With a variety of materials participants use their imagination and create to their hearts content.

All activities include the following elements:

  • Activities are unique experiences not often found elsewhere.
  • Activities are accessible and fun for nearly all ages and abilities.
  • Participants take their creation home when they are done.
  • All activities are provided free of cost to the participant.

Upcoming Events

If you’re interested in helping us out at any of these events just sign-up to volunteer and mention the one’s you can help with.